Loyalty Program

Let us reward you for shopping online at Occasion Giftware! We value you as a customer and want to reward your loyalty by giving you discounts!

The process is simple and seamless. The more you spend, the more points you earn. The more you earn, the more you save. We calculate your point total by adding your subtotals on all your online orders (your total minus freight and taxes) for each calendar year: January to December. The total amount you spend determines the discount you receive on all of your orders for the next year.

Each time you make a purchase online at www.occasiongiftware.com, you will receive 1 point for every dollar spent (excluding taxes and shipping) rounded to the nearest dollar. Our points program is unique. By shopping with us, you will have the opportunity to redeem points for a discount on a future order or simply stated...COST SAVINGS! You do not need to activate an account or fill out any paperwork. A Gift Guru will track your purchases online and will update your personal account with your points.

Points Breakdown
  Points earned between January-December Applicable Discount for the following year
Bronze 500-1500 points Receive a 10% discount on all orders in the next year
Silver 1501-2500 points Receive a 15% discount on all orders in the next year
Gold 2501-3500 points Receive a 20% discount on all orders in the next year
Platinum 3500-4500 points Receive a 25% discount on all orders in the next year

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Points apply to anyone who has made an online purchase with Occasion Giftware. By participating in the loyalty program, the customer agrees to abide by the terms and conditions and understand that they may be amended without notice.
  2. Loyalty points are awarded to customers for purchase of products on the Occasion Giftware website.
  3. No points card or proof of purchase is needed. Simply login to your account on our website to view your points history.
  4. Loyalty points are issued to customers that reside only in Canada or the United States.
  5. points will be awarded if a funny or embarrassing story is submitted and posted on our website. These points can only be awarded if a purchase has been made previously.
  6. Occasion Giftware from time to time may change, modify or discontinue the Loyalty Program including these terms and conditions, with or without notice to customers. In the event of discontinuing the Loyalty Program, Occasion Giftware will attempt to provide at least sixty (60) days notice to customers, within which time customers may redeem any outstanding points.
  7. A Customer will earn 1 point per dollar spent on the Occasion Giftware website, excluding shipping or taxes and after any discounts. Points are calculated by rounding to the nearest dollar. Example, $754.82 will result in 755 Loyalty Points. $854.23 will result in 854 Loyalty Points.
  8. To redeem points, contact a Gift Guru at Occasion Giftware to receive your promotion code. This code can be entered at checkout and the discount will automatically be deducted.
  9. These terms and conditions are effective January 1, 2011. Customers that purchase between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011 will be eligible to receive savings in 2012.
  10. Points cannot be carried over from year to year. They are only valid the following year after a purchase is made.