What Do You Call It?

What is the official name for a party favour? 

Or Keepsake?  Or give-a-way?  Or favor?  Or guest gift?  Or  

Bomboniere is an Italian name for "favours", or "gifts" given out on special occasions to the guests as a keepsake in appreciation for their attendance.  Traditionally, a type of confectionary consisting of sugared almonds covered with a candy coating are attached to the gifts.  These almonds are known as Jordon almonds or Confetti.

 Our event planners have seen these 'gifts' spelled many different ways: 

Bomboniera Bonboniere Bonbonniere Bonbons
Bombonieres Bombonniere Boubouniera Boubouniere

Whichever way you spell it, the meaning is the same.  Finding the right bomboniere for your special event can be fun.  When choosing a bomboniera gift, be sure to think about the recipients and what you want them to do with it.  Do you want your guest to keep it?  Eat it?  Plant it?  Use it?  Then, choose something that you feel is most appropriate.  Many of our customers' favourite bomboniere includes cake towels, wine bottle stoppers, coasters, espresso machines, and candles. 

We can customize your bomboniere based on the theme of your wedding.  If you need some suggestions, ask one of our Event Planners.  We will be sure to guide you in the right direction, free of charge of course.